Monday, 24 October 2016

Battle of Wallhof 1626 - Club game


Last week we re-started our Polish War club campaign using the the Pikeman´s Lament rules that Dalauppro and Dan Mersey have been working on and that are due to be published in January 2017 by Osprey

You can read the campaign background and see campaign maps as well as pictures from the game at Dalauppror blog.

The full AAR and lots of game pictures you can see at Miniature Mayham blog.

Friday, 21 October 2016

Finnish wargamers wisited our Club here in Stockholm

Finnish and Swedis military cooperation have increased lately as there was a joint military exercise here in Stockholm in the end of September at our club here in Stockholm ;)

Our gaming club Little Wars was visited by three members, Teemu, Marco and Ludde from the Finnish Wargaming club Nopat & Taktiikka based in Helsinki.

On saturday we had a good day of gaming with the theme Finlans/Sweden vs Russia... 

Three games was played, first a Finnish War 1808 game there I introduced them to The Pikeman´s Lament rules that will be published by Osprey in January 2017.

Napoleonic war are a bit out of scoop for the rules as we state that they cover the period to the end of the Greate Northern War 1721, BUT as the rules are so easy to adapt I set up a napolionic game using them.

You can see a bunch of more pictures from the games at my blog Dalauppror

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Little Wars at Salute 2016

Foteviken 1134

For Salute this years Michael, Jonas and Jesper from the club are
going to run a Lion Rampant demonstration game with Jan our UK exile Swede
terrain builder, who also was the terrain builder of least year's
"Stockholm 1392" game.

If you visit Salute 2016 please come by and say hi and have a look
at our "Battle at Foteviken 1134" game, we are at GA15.

SALUTE 2016 - Find our game at GA15 

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Bolt Action in the Pacific

Little Wars club member Ulf from Latenightpainting has been very busy lately building a two sided force for the WW2 Pacific theatre.

Using the excellent plastic sprues from Warlord Games 28mm Bolt Action range, Ulf has build quite a collection of Imperial Japanese and US Marines.

Here is a gallery with samples of his work so far.
We look forward to seeing these on the gaming table at Little Wars.




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Sunday, 5 April 2015

Star Wars - Imperial Assault!

Just before Christmas the new gorgeous Star Wars - Imperial Assault boardgame from Fantasy Flight Games was released. The game features some amazingly crisp sculpted 28mm plastic miniatures, and two different game modes - Campaign if you're a gang of player who regularly meet up for games or the short Skirmish mode, ideal for the occasional gaming night at the club.

Little Wars club member and life long Star Wars enthusiast, Oskar, was quick to place a Pre-Order for the boxed basic game kit. He was equally quick at the painting table, and for the last month or so, we have been gaming with some really awesomely painted minis.

 Here follows a short gallery of Oskar's collection, including the new General Weiss Expansion Pack.
This should be enough visual candy for all you Jedis out there, to heed the call of the Force, and pick up your lightsabers in the struggle against evil!


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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Playtesting: "The Men Who Would Be Kings"

Mock-Up cover designed by Michael.

Once again Michael “Dalauppror” has been asked to be involved in an exiting playtesting project for Osprey and author Dan Mersey. As with the previous collaboration on Lion Rampant, Michael is running a series of games at Little Wars Stockholm, generating the vital feed back needed for Dan to adjust details and add suggestion based on the experience of gamers like Michael and the rest of us here at the club. 

The local welcome committee... 

For this new set of rules, we’re leaving the noble knights and men-at-arms of the medieval age behind us, and travel forward in time to the bustling colonies of Africa, as European expansion and tribal feuds create an interesting stage for our game.

Here is a gallery of what Michael has been creating so far (Check out the rest on his blog):


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Sunday, 1 March 2015

Club Project: The Battle of Holowcyn 1708

The Battle of Holowcyn 1708.

Here is the latest update on our club project for the Great Northern War.

Little Wars Stockholm aims to participate at both LinCon and FlemCon in 2015, and at both conventions we’re planning to stage a scenario in 28mm, based on the fateful Battle of Holowcyn.

The Royal Swedish Army on it's fateful march east towards Poltava.

Holowcyn was a key battle fought as part of the Swedish invasion of Russia during the Great Northern War, that lead up to the devastating defeat at Poltava 1709. We chose Holowcyn as it offers an interesting and two-sided wargame, with intrigues inside the Russian High Command, and all the usual drama as Swedish King Karl XII, is leading his Guards into battle in his famous “sword-in-hand” style.

Both Swedish and Russian units are being painted at the moment, with several club members actively building the collection – for instance take a look at club member Jesper’s beautiful units here:

Russian Infantry: The Pskov Regiment

Swedish Cavalry: The Småland Cavalry Regiment

Swedish Cavalry: The Nyland (Finnish Provins) Cavalry Regiment

Swedish Cavalry: The Östgöta Cavalry Regiment

You can see more of Jesper's work here on his blog.

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