Sunday, 1 March 2015

Club Project: The Battle of Holowcyn 1708

The Battle of Holowcyn 1708.

Here is the latest update on our club project for the Great Northern War.

Little Wars Stockholm aims to participate at both LinCon and FlemCon in 2015, and at both conventions we’re planning to stage a scenario in 28mm, based on the fateful Battle of Holowcyn.

The Royal Swedish Army on it's fateful march east towards Poltava.

Holowcyn was a key battle fought as part of the Swedish invasion of Russia during the Great Northern War, that lead up to the devastating defeat at Poltava 1709. We chose Holowcyn as it offers an interesting and two-sided wargame, with intrigues inside the Russian High Command, and all the usual drama as Swedish King Karl XII, is leading his Guards into battle in his famous “sword-in-hand” style.

Both Swedish and Russian units are being painted at the moment, with several club members actively building the collection – for instance take a look at club member Jesper’s beautiful units here:

Russian Infantry: The Pskov Regiment

Swedish Cavalry: The Småland Cavalry Regiment

Swedish Cavalry: The Nyland (Finnish Provins) Cavalry Regiment

Swedish Cavalry: The Östgöta Cavalry Regiment

You can see more of Jesper's work here on his blog.

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