Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Playtesting: "The Men Who Would Be Kings"

Mock-Up cover designed by Michael.

Once again Michael “Dalauppror” has been asked to be involved in an exiting playtesting project for Osprey and author Dan Mersey. As with the previous collaboration on Lion Rampant, Michael is running a series of games at Little Wars Stockholm, generating the vital feed back needed for Dan to adjust details and add suggestion based on the experience of gamers like Michael and the rest of us here at the club. 

The local welcome committee... 

For this new set of rules, we’re leaving the noble knights and men-at-arms of the medieval age behind us, and travel forward in time to the bustling colonies of Africa, as European expansion and tribal feuds create an interesting stage for our game.

Here is a gallery of what Michael has been creating so far (Check out the rest on his blog):


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