Sunday, 5 April 2015

Star Wars - Imperial Assault!

Just before Christmas the new gorgeous Star Wars - Imperial Assault boardgame from Fantasy Flight Games was released. The game features some amazingly crisp sculpted 28mm plastic miniatures, and two different game modes - Campaign if you're a gang of player who regularly meet up for games or the short Skirmish mode, ideal for the occasional gaming night at the club.

Little Wars club member and life long Star Wars enthusiast, Oskar, was quick to place a Pre-Order for the boxed basic game kit. He was equally quick at the painting table, and for the last month or so, we have been gaming with some really awesomely painted minis.

 Here follows a short gallery of Oskar's collection, including the new General Weiss Expansion Pack.
This should be enough visual candy for all you Jedis out there, to heed the call of the Force, and pick up your lightsabers in the struggle against evil!


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